Happy Shopper™ Vs."E Bay 10 Best Personal Carts" 
• Much Lighter at 3 pounds
• Load and Carry Beverage Cases With Ease
• Center Lined Axle Makes it Very Easy to Tilt and Go
• Hitchhiker to Grocery Cart While Shopping
• Hooks Securely Control Bags and Purse
• Slide In and Out of Vehicle While Loaded
• Pull Like a Carry On Bag, Not Push to Trip Over

Shopping in the city and/or at the mall creates many bags to carry. The “trip to the Mall”, especially for Holiday shopping, will be greatly improved. Trips to the car to stash bags, or back and forth to your home, are reduced or eliminated.

Picnics, concerts, beach visits, tailgating, stuff to the game, business travel, trade show, duty free and activities of all sorts will be enhanced by Happy Shopper™.

Packages and bundles from car to work and into the conference room, for that meeting, will follow you to your destination on the Happy Shopper™.

Happy Shopper™ Our Story

I am noted for starting stories with “the earth cooled…….Then there were dinosaurs….” (Airplane 1980).
The bag, however, was probably invented before or around the same time as the wheel, the box right after and mankind has been trying to put wheels on bags and boxes since.

I began thinking about the modern store experience. Take a cart (great product), walk through store, choose and load, go to checkout, unload to belt, scan it, bag it, put bags back in cart (☹ if allowed to go out of store), load car, return cart, unload and carry into your home, repeat until all is in, whew.

Fine products are available to help, wire basket carts (dubbed “Granny carts”) and hand trucks, I have owned several and worn them out using in the high rise environment. These are, however heavy, bulky and thick to carry on public transportation, and to store. Large diameter wheels are good over bumps but also large to store. Wheels on axles (invented with the wheel) usually are the limiting thickness dimension.

From this background I began to visualize a better way. Folding without a wheel to wheel axle, is good but side loads must still be resisted. This led to my axle patent in which side loads are taken to the axle outer one way and the inner wall of the Happy Shopper™ the other way. This allows for folding flat, no long wheel to wheel axle. Too technical? Look at Happy Shopper™.  One other advantage is that the axle centerline in use is under the load making it easy to tilt and pull. Pulling the Happy Shopper™ is natural, like carry-on luggage, no way to fall over Happy Shopper™, like a basket cart.

With Happy Shopper™, minimum folded thickness in mind, I folded the “half box” outward. When we searched patents, we found that many older patents are boxes with wheels but all folded inward and all but one (uses a multi piece screw mechanism) had solid axles wheel to wheel.  None took the side loads like Happy Shopper™. Thus the solid Design and Utility patents now issued.
The other big parameter is weight.  There are many possible materials and processes which could be used. Considering weight, strength and durability, the extruded polypropylene board is chosen. As we worked with folding this material into form we realized that what we have done is form a “living hinge” of the surface. Polypropylene in thin sections forms a living hinge when bent (molecules realign) and an almost infinite life hinge is formed. Plastic mayo and ketchup lids are good examples among thousands in daily use. The sheet is cut and scored to provide strength where needed and easy fold. Happy Shopper™ weighs 3 pounds and will carry 50+ pounds of your stuff.

The Hold Open Hold Closed (HOHC) lever was conceived to do what it says. The HOHC and the latch function are patent claims as well as threading through the back to provide bearings.

The Hitchhiker feature answers “what do I do with this in the store” question. It also comes back in to hold bag handles more securely, including ladies purses. The loaded Happy Shopper™ can be slid into a car on its back loaded with bags and slid out with bags still in place.

OK, too much information. If you’re still reading, may I thank you wholeheartedly!  
I have used Happy Shopper™ more than anyone on the planet, obviously, and really hope you find great pleasure in using Happy Shopper™

Best regards,