Fancy N Design, LLC.

Eric Parker

Naples, Florida





Naples, Florida – October 1st, 2017.

Product Developer, Eric Parker, has created a durable, cart that weighs just 3 Lbs. and will carry over 50 Lbs. including cases of water or wine!   

The cart was created as a better way to transport items from the store to the car and up an elevator to home.

Mr. Parker began by thinking about the modern store experience. Take a grocery cart walk through store, choose and load, go to checkout, unload to belt, scan, bag, put bags back in cart (if cart is allowed to go out of store), load into car, return cart, unload and carry into your home, repeat until all is in.

The Happy Shopper cart features a clever “Hitchhiker” that allows it to ride on a store cart, while shopping, making it a very convenient way to tag along, hands free.  

Shopping bags are placed on any of 7 hooks, with automatic retention features (the Hitchhiker hooks naturally retain bag handles), for easy transport. One or two add-on “Clothes Hanger Hooks” create 2 more hooks, on top, for dry cleaning or more bags, keeping the height/distance from ground in mind. 

Loaded, it can be slid, on its back into the car, keeping contents in place for the ride, then slid back onto its wheels at the end of the journey.

All you want to take home, can be pulled along with one hand, like a carry-on bag, leaving your other hand free to deal with locks, doors and elevators.

The unique folding design of the Happy Shopper™ cart allows this 4 pound unit to fold to 2 ½” thick for flat easy storage in a car or hidden behind a door or refrigerator in your home.   It even lies flat in the overhead compartment on an airplane. 

Another advantage is that the axle centerline is under the load making it easy to tilt and pull.  Pulling the Happy Shopper™ is natural, like carry-on luggage, no way to fall over Happy Shopper™, like a basket cart.  It easily pulls up stairs, and at just 4 pounds, light and easily carried to load.

Happy Shopper™, is made of water-proof extruded polypropylene, reinforced with galvanized steel edging to carry over 50 pounds.

Urban living means walking to and from neighborhood stores as part of everyday life.  At the Mall, it is a walk from store to car. Even from garage into home is usually some distance. The amount an individual can comfortably carry home is simply greater, easier, and hassle free while walking, driving, and on public transportation using Happy Shopper™.   Outings to games, picnics, beach, and more can be much easier.

Historically, products aimed at this need, wire basket carts (dubbed “Granny carts”) and “hand trucks” of many designs, are, heavy and bulky even when folded.  These have been too thick, to carry on public transportation, or to store in a car or behind a door in your home. Mr. Parker began to visualize a smarter way to get from the grocery store to kitchen, then fold flat until the next trip.  Folding without a wheel to wheel axle. This led to the axle patent in which side loads are taken to the axle outer and the inner wall of the Happy Shopper™, allowing flat fold.

Most components, including the board and axles, and edging are made in the United States. Premium molded wheels have been sourced from overseas. Assembly of Happy Shopper™ takes place in Illinois.