Frequently asked questions:

Happy Shopper™

How do I open and close Happy Shopper™?

Answer: The round hole in the back is the point to hold for fold and unfold.  

One finger and it is simple.

The wire form, named the Hold Open / Hold Closed does exactly what it says.

Hold Open:  Keeps the sides parallel for loads to be carried on Happy Shopper™



Hold Closed:  The form at the middle (front) of the wire form, latches over the tab on the spade, to keep the Happy Shopper™ folded flat.


The easiest handling is with two hands.  One finger holding by the hole in the back and the other doing the folding.  

Open, rotate the wire form sides back, unlatching the spade.  Next fold the sides forward and rotate the wire form into position on each side.

Close, again, finger hold in thole.  Rotate the wire form back away from the sides.  Bring the spade up flat against the back.   Rotate the wire form to again latch to the tab on the spade.  Two inches thick to store!

What is Happy Shopper™ made of?  Cardboard?

Answer: No, Extruded Poly Polypropylene plastic

The body is cut from extruded (not corrugated) polypropylene board.   

Strong, yet very very light and stiff, it allows this big thing to weigh only 3 ½ pounds, 1.6 kilograms. 

The perforations, made at cutting, are bent, allowing the outer surface to release, thus leaving a “living hinge” for folding. Living hinges will last indefinitely.   

“Polypropylene living hinge” is old technology, but, this is the first time it has been created in this manner.

Polypropylene material is not effected by water like corrugated paper board, (called cardboard) is. 

The hollow center of the board,allows high strength without carrying more plastic around than needed.  

The hollow center vertical orientation also allows the insertion of wire forms such as the cloths hanger hook, cell phone holder and cup holder.  Any further wire form additions will be easily made and used.

On Happy Shopper™, can I stretch a bungee cord or rope across my load from the loops at each end of the HOHC?

Yes   Easily done and even top to bottom.  Just be sure the HOHC stays in the hold open position.  

 Will my Happy Shopper™carry my propane tank to my grill from my car?

 YES! The standard tank fits easily.

Will my Happy Shopper™ be damaged by rain, snow, sun?

Answer No.     Nothing will be harmed by the elements

What is the wire form shipped in the middle of the back of Happy Shopper™?

Answer: The wire form is the optional Clothes Hanger Hook. 

First, decide if you wish to use the optional Clothes Hanger Hook.  

Then decide on how you want to use it, find a configuration you like pictured below.  

To install, pull the hook up and out of shipping position.  Then push Clothes Hanger Hook down into the openings in the board until it is secure and ready to use.  

   Choose and install to allow use of top bag hook

As an option, install two Clothes Hanger Hooks bringing total hooking to NINE!

Install so that you can still use all three top bag hooks.

Wheels roll on My  Happy Shopper™?

Answer: Wheels Will rotate on even hard surfaces!

The wheel’s nylon material will not damage your floors.  Your Happy Shopper™ will not be damaged so don't worry. You should, however be able to easily turn by hand. 

The Happy Shopper™ wheels are  6” diameter to take bumps easily.  The unique design yet still allow a flat fold when not in use.      

Happy Shopper™ is designed to be pulled like carry-on luggage. 

The goal is to help you by carrying your stuff easily, and store flat.

As your Happy Shopper™ is used, the wheel rotation will loosen.

It is designed to be pulled just like carry-on luggage

Loading  Happy Shopper™, how can I keep something like a Mellon in a bag from swinging side to side as I walk?

Answer: Easily done:   Hook one handle of the bag on the left and the other on the right.  The load (Mellon) will stay in the middle as you walk.

Can I carry firewood to my fireplace with my Happy Shopper™?

Answer: Yes.

Open Happy Shopper™ and lay it on its back.  Load logs with their length up and down (not side to side).  Once loaded (two or three should fit), pick up to pulling position and roll to the fireplace.

Two to three logs will fit, up/down, between the side walls and within the width of Happy Shopper™.   More may be carried by stacking, being careful that some will not roll over the sides while walking.   If needed, a rope or bungee cord can secure the load, tied between the loops of the HOHC (Hold Open Hold Closed).   A clean safe trip to the fireplace.

How do wheels run straight?

Answer: Wheels are guided on each side.

Wheels, large enough to take bumps easily, yet still allow fold flat when not in use, is one of the new to the world features of Happy Shopper™. 

Side loads, as the wheel rotates, are transferred to the wall of the cart in one direction,the wire over the outer face in the other direction.  Happy Shopper™ is easily folded and flat due to this unique design.

The goal is to help you by carrying your stuff easily, and store flat.    The wheel’s nylon material will not damage floors

There is no conventional axle used across the Happy Shopper™.  This allows the flat fold, as has never been done before. This axle free design feature has been awarded US, European and Chinese Design and utility patents. 

Will my Frequently Carried Item Fit?

Answer:  The spade base is 14" wide by 12" Deep

The spade or base is 14" wide by 12" deep.  The center of the load should be inside the front edge.  Loads are best carried close to the back.   Since the axle center is under the load, tilting is easy and rolling is balanced.

Will Happy Shopper™ go up stairs?

Yes, simply Pull it up  

The large 6" wheels make it easy.   It will also slide on its back into the car, loaded and come out with groceries in place, to roll to your home. 

Can Happy Shopper™ be used to carry my paintings to my Art Show?

Yes.  The Happy Shopper™ now has wire formed edging.  The two pieces on each lower side can be removed by pulling them out.  Two optional “Coat Hanger Hooks can be pushed in their place to provide extensions on each side to carry the multiple paintings.  The two removed wires can be reinserted in the back of the Happy Shopper™ and connected together with one of the push out pieces from the back hooks.   This will provide a stand for Happy Shopper™ to be a level loading position for paintings.  When loaded, the paintings may be secured with a tie from one loop of the Hold Open Hold Closed (HOHC) to the loop on the other side. Pick up the load by the handle and proceed.


Will Happy Shopper™ Slide into your SUV or Car Trunk?

Answer: Yes, simply tilt Happy Shopper™ back to lean  against the opening, lift from the bottom edge and slide Happy Shopper™ up and in

Every measured  SUV and car has this opening at between 23 and 29 inches from the ground.

Happy Shopper™ will lean back nicely against the car.  
Next, reach down to the front edge to lift and slide into the opening. The mechanics of forces are that you are actually lifting about 1/3 of the total weight, the rest is transferred to the car.  As it moves in, you are no longer lifting, but sliding it in.  Make sure to bend your knees to save your back!  
The bag holders at each bag hook keep bags in place as you drive.  
At home, just slide it out and back down to the ground.  Roll away with the your load still in place.  

How Many bags will Happy Shopper™ carry?

Answer: Load depends on how much is in each bag  

There are 6 hooks, each with an automatic bag holder.  
Each hook will hold several plastic bags, and also, usually, more than one from cloth bags. 
When the bags stack too high, fall to the side, it may be good to go to use another hook. 
With the optional clothes hanger hook, two more hanging points are available.  If you add a second cloths hanger hook, you have four more, ten total.  It’s OK to use the clothes hanger hook(s) for bags. It is also handy for bagged clothes from the cleaners to lie on top of your bags.


Why are there still pieces in the back where the hooks are?

Answer: The cut outs are to be pushed through at assembly,so you don't need to.  Sorry if we missed one just push out and recycle. 

Why do I care about patents?

Answer: You don’t.  

This only verifies that these features are new to the world, and now, can be proven valuable to you.